Working In The USA as an Immigrant and What To Expect

How much money can you make? Do you have better career chances? What about paid holidays or paid sick days? What is the Social Security? What about Health Care and other benefits like the 411k system?

Welcome back another great and exciting I would say like information video I have for you or if you listen to my podcast also something very interesting about working in the united states what should you expect what can you expect and what is really the reality and the reason why I bring this up is that I have seen also other videos from immigrants especially from Germany who moved to the United States.

and they came after a while to the conclusion then they said like actually it is really tough to be in the united states or to work in the united states and you don’t have all those benefits you might know like what i knew of course like when i lived back in in austria or also in germany it’s a different system so let’s get started and let’s dive into it and let’s talk about what you can expect and and how things are really rolling here in the united states once you are employed at the company so first of all it totally depends on um the offer from your employer

right so the company you’re working for smaller companies have most of the time the tendency to not have such great benefits so to speak you might have no benefits at all that means you might not even get insurance health care premiums offered you might not even get like any paid sick days or vacation days it really depends on that company deal you you are making but in general let’s say if you have the chance to

get a job at a bigger corporation and that corporation basically has let’s say a thousand employers or whatever right then usually you get some good benefits out of it and let’s talk about those benefits what does it mean first of all vacation always comes up and people like me in austria i’m used to have like paid sick days you know if maybe per year you are two weeks sick because you got the fl you get the flu or something like this and it wipes you out or anything else happens and you know you are covered so to speak and the

company is paying for you even if you can not work now the united states works here a little bit different because in general in general and you know please don’t attack me don’t shoot me you know uh if i bring this up i’m i it’s definitely not for every situation it’s just in general okay so very very broad you can think that you will get paid most likely 10 sick days per year or that’s not even just called sick days it’s also like paid days off okay so whatever that is so you decide you would like to go on vacation uh or you don’t go on

vacation and you want to keep it because you might get sick in general but it’s a very broad general term right uh you should be able to get like 10 days off which the company is compensating uh your time okay so which you should get paid but also keep in mind this only applies if you’re truly employed and if you’re not in any other circumstances like for instance a contractor because if you would be a contractor that might be completely different you’re not even employed and most of the time if you’re just a contractor you need to make sure that you know you don’t work you don’t get paid and that you have the funds you need to do

whatever you would like to do so if you know that then and there is nothing more and you compare this for example with of course the system what i was used to were born like austria maybe also in germany maybe they’re you know in in other states some really good uh you know i would say like healthcare systems and systems where the employee is really very much protected this is definitely different here in the united states and now a lot of people got shocked and they say like this is crazy this is nuts because like you know if i if i calculate this and i’m at least a month sick or whatever and i don’t even get paid then my salary goes down

etc well well well uh might be the truth yes on the flip side i can tell you one thing for sure this this is definitely what you should be ready for is if you’re thinking to move to united states the united states is definitely a country that offers you a lot a lot you have a lot of job opportunities you can really follow your

career path you can really make a lot of money etc but you have to understand it’s a high productive country that means you will be compensated very well if you’re ambitious if you work hard and you know if if if you’re basically constantly uh involved in in work you know so let me maybe try to also bring up a better case to ahead once a friend i mean still a friend of mine and we had always funny discussions and he also said to me bernard so like but when i see the system but you also try to explain me all the time isn’t that better if i just i’m okay with like working 30 hours a week and i’m not so ambitious and you know i don’t need to make so much money that i just do any job here in austria back in austria and you know i don’t make a hundred

thousand dollars or whatever a year but like i live well or okay and i don’t need anymore i don’t want anymore and maybe i get also unemployment paid after six months working over a year and then i’m for six months unemployed and i get that money paid and i have full health care on top of it and one day i’m going to retire and i get my minimum payment dollars and i will retire and this is definitely true so what i can tell you is if you’re not ambitious if you are not willing to crush it here in the united states you know then i would think definitely twice three times four times five times about it if this is the right country for you because

keep in mind the corporate america it’s capitalism and it’s hardcore capitalism that means you know it’s not for everybody the best like um and i i can also say this loud enough hopefully and very clearly that if you compare the system to a very social system in austria it’s definitely different it is a hundred percent different but that depends now on what you would what you prefer like in the environment on on the system can i say for myself that pure capitalism uh is the best so this this is something i was confronted many many times and

people said bernard when i listened to you and whatever you said in the past it’s crystal clear you are a hundred percent capitalist you’re like just go for it right and this is actually not true so who really knows me uh what really gets under my skin is actually the fact that pure capitalism um at its absolute peak i i don’t really 100 believe in it you know i believe in all the the freedom you you can get and so on but i truly believe that for example what i’m what i know how i was born like in austria right that for example this system is a

very very great system and it works for the vast majority the best because it’s not such a big contrast in like you have either super rich people or like super poor people and if you compare this big contrast here in the united states it’s absolutely clear you will see people in the big cities literally living in tents being homeless and yes it’s happening all the time the people it can go like this bomb like they lose their job because they get sick or whatever they don’t have the funds they don’t have any family anymore they get divorced uh and they’re going down this this spiral and it can hit you really hard here in the united states and there is no other

help and um a social help like a network like what you might be familiar like in in austria especially austria i can talk about my home country because you know people always confront me and then say how can that be that i love so much austria i do i love my home country and i also speak in in in terms of the health care system of the support you get uh of the care of the of the social support system and opportunities and possibilities you have that’s a golden island i mean it i haven’t seen anything better maybe there might be i

haven’t been living there like finland sweden you know like the northern countries in the european union might be even better um i can say i lived also in germany that was definitely not better than austria from those from from those points only right um that this question always came out but beyond when you speak so highly from your home country and from the system why the heck did you then actually leave austria if you love it so much and this is also a big misconception again because what people do have to understand is that i love this fact and like i said you have pros and cons but what i didn’t like for example and where i was

very limited was the job i do and the career path i chose what i love to do there is literally nothing the industry i’m working in it’s so tiny it’s so small it’s so limited that especially in when when i was younger right and in my age when i started that i felt like i’m dead like i can’t do this because whenever i was trying to find a job or do something like this it was nearly impossible back then today it’s maybe a little bit better i have to

say so but even so the opportunities are much smaller and the compensation is also much much less that means for me it was crystal clear that i’m moving to the united states because my passion my job the the opportunities i get here is so much bigger the compensation is so much bigger whatever that uh you know i felt like it was a no-brainer if i love what i’m doing then this is actually the best move for me for me personally but that doesn’t mean that this is the right move for you right so that’s why i i think it’s very very

important and i feel really happy about um having this this uh discussion right now and also hopefully when you’re listening to my podcast or if you’re my youtube channel then feel free to post below my video of course like questions you have etc or your opinion on that but i think it would be completely foolish if i would sit here and just tell you look everything is better in the united states everything just everything no

matter what we’re talking about because you know it really depends on those circumstances on so many different points and it’s it’s nearly impossible to say that because i have never seen anywhere in the world and when i spoke with people travellers but also a lot of immigrants it doesn’t matter if it’s from china if it’s from japan if it’s from europe if it’s from australia from new zealand from pakistan i i met so many people and we constantly have been talking about those topics and you know you will clearly see that you always

find somewhere something that is better in a country or you feel it’s better and then you feel like oh this is not as good so it’s really at the end up to you what you would like to achieve uh and also thinking about it why you want to move to the u.s okay so this is also very important and if if you are like an immigrant and like i was and you feel like oh my god i’m limited like as much as i love austria i basically knew back then i am so limited because this is what i would love to do i would love to work in this industry and if i can’t get any opportunity and i’m also not being compensated then if i can make three four times more money a year at least right in the united states and to find those companies and those opportunities why should i stay there

and limit myself in austria so this was my big question mark and then i had to make a decision clearly your situation might be similar but it can also be and this is what i’m referring to many many times is also the fact that you know as an as a person that thinks about moving to the united states it is crystal clear that what we have in common absolutely is that you are not a hundred percent happy where you are right now no matter what it is either if it’s the culture if it’s like a political issue if it’s the environment if it’s the people if it’s the career if it’s like taxes if it’s like anything like i mean there can be so many points right but what we have in

common is at the end you are hitting the wall and you have a problem and you you feel like you can fix this problem by changing your life of course and moving to the united states and one thing i really appreciate so much about being in the united states is definitely it is the country of immigrants so my horizon also was opening so widely uh you know because still when i look back and i lived in austria my view was very narrow even today it’s a little bit better you have internet flying is easy etc you can move quickly somewhere and just for vacation and check everything out and then your eyes are like popping up like wow what what is going on here how is the situation over here there how do people live and and what i really like about the united

states is that we are such uh here in the us it’s like a magnet for immigrants and what i really like is the fact and i really appreciate that no matter from where you are coming from what color you have what language you speak i mean this is i can only speak of course from myself and not from from millions of people but i appreciate that i really like that i like i can have a food variety i didn’t have before you know it’s insane i like from so many different countries and cultures like to get a taste of it and like also connecting with people

from all over the world it’s just maybe it’s just me i have to say so but i on top of it i have to say as older i get is more i appreciate it because i always call us call us all we are world citizens you know and i always found it kind of stupid why we always build like borders and like a country is isolating themselves and just because you have been born in that specific region then this is it and you don’t have any other opportunities so again

i feel like that before you move to the united states you should really think about it of course why you move what you would like to change in your life to make your life better but also what i wanted to underline here especially is like thinking about when you want to move to the united states what it actually means to work as an employee in the u.s in a very strong capitalistic country right and like i said before you have pros and

you have cons and one of the pros is you might bank a little bit more so to speak you make more money you have not necessarily but you have to option where the opportunities to make more money right there are lots of cases and people i i met you know where at the beginning people have not been so much excited and then the situation got better and better and better uh but i also met people they have been super excited at the beginning they always wanted to move to the us and then after six months or a year they basically said

oh my god what was that that was the biggest mistake of my life but even so i tell people look it is not a failure it is not a mistake if you want to move to the united states and after six months or a year you figure out it’s it’s not what you expected or it’s not what you wanted or like it’s not it’s not turning out like as you thought it would be and you know this is life but i would never see this as a loss because you know you can

only gain more knowledge and more experience and then what is also so important is of course the fact that once you got a taste of it and once you tasted it and you saw it and let’s say even if you would feel it’s not it wasn’t worth it or like even if you feel like oh my god it’s not how you thought it will be i i would say look this is priceless that experience you gained because you know then imagine like i met so many people and then

they said yeah maybe when i’m older when i’m like when i’m trying to retire then i buy a house in the united states i retire in sunny california or like in in the sunshine state in florida and or wherever right but most of the time that doesn’t pay off at all because either people are getting sick or then they don’t have the funds or they don’t want to do it anymore and what they usually say then at the end they say oh if i would have been just doing that when i was in my 30s or in my 20s or in my 40s right if i would have been just exploring it see

and this is what i mean life is so unique and even if you would say after a year you don’t like it or whatever it would definitely be not a loss because you gained something in your life you saw something you you gained this and then once you know that then you will not regret it even when you’re like 75 or 80 years old because

then you can still say yes but i was there i experienced it and it was actually different than i thought so i don’t regret it right but if you never tried it if you never moved to the u.s and if you never tried to work there as well and see what it actually means and how it feels for you then you might regret it because then the day will come and you might say why did i not just do it you know because that was my i always call it paradise

false from the movie up if you haven’t seen it it’s a cartoon movie it’s called up you can find uh google it uh find some clips also on youtube a wonderful movie i love the story of the movie and i don’t want to get into this story now that would be a little bit too long but if you haven’t seen it watch the movie and then you will

understand also what i’m trying to say because the message is clearly for me you have nothing to lose you have only to gain only to gain that is priceless so and that’s all what i can literally really recommend you so think about it what does it really mean working in the united states okay from benefits it’s capitalistic you might not get so many benefits but the salary might be higher from what you’re used to you can make more

money you might have definitely a lot of opportunities i would say so most of the time immigrants here i would say it’s the united states is so big it has so many things to offer it is crazy and i really really appreciate that so i hope that you know this message and this video or if you’re listening to my podcast also was a little bit helpful for you again to spark a little bit more like your thoughts what to expect uh when you work in the united states and how different it might be what you’re used to from your home country and you know if you

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short period of time to the united states without having any crazy education i was just a graphic designer and how i did it and how you can actually do the same what i did so that being said i wish you all the best i hope to see you soon in my other videos or in my podcast and i wish you of course already all the best uh if you’re planning to move to the united states and most of all stay happy and healthy thank you for watching and listening and talk to you later and see you later bye bye